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Better Oxford Street – views and suggestions on what can be done to improve Oxford Street

A scheme not just for Oxford Street but the whole Oxford Street District.

Early October has seen a flurry of announcements concerning Oxford Street. Westminster City Council have continued to honour their election pledges and listen to the West End, residents and businesses. The Council Leader has personally confirmed again that they are

“Westminster City Council has taken the pedestrianisation of Oxford Street off the table for good and we have informed the Mayor and TfL of our decision”

The Future of Oxford Street I am writing to update you about our plans to improve Oxford Street and the surrounding district. As you know, two consultations have taken place in the past twelve months and after listening carefully to

Promises must be honoured on Oxford Street, pedestrianisation is not on!

Promises must be honoured on Oxford Street, pedestrianisation is not on!

Will London’s Oxford Street ever be pedestrianised?

Tom Edwards BBC Transport correspondent, London It’s one of the mayor’s election pledges to pedestrianise London’s Oxford Street. It is not a pleasant shopping environment. It’s full of buses and taxis and as a result of the high buildings, pollution doesn’t

Oxford Street pedestrianisation was never the answer

WESTMINSTER Council has shown common sense at last in rejecting the Mayor of London’s and Transport for London’s extreme plan to pedestrianise Oxford Street and disenfranchise residents and regular commuters. This was both a vanity exercise by the Mayor as

Council leader Nickie Aiken says talks about controversial scheme are still on

Oxford Street campaigners urge council: ‘Don’t forget promises’ WestEnd Extra – 11 May,  2018 — By Tom Foot CANDIDATES for the Campaign Against Pedestrianisation of Oxford Street single-issue party said this week that the electorate had sent a message to Westminster Council


“Tory U-turn on Oxford Street ahead of poll – Conservatives order officials to stop work on pedestrianisation project”  WestEnd Extra 4 may 2018   “Sadiq Khan’s plans to ban traffic from Oxford Street has been dealt a huge blow after Westminster

A Party Against the Pedestrianisation of Oxford Street

Residents in Marylebone, Mayfair, Fitzrovia and Soho are not convinced by the various pledges and assurances given by the major parties concerning the pedestrianisation of Oxford Street. The only pledge that they want to hear is the one which promises to work

Misinterpretation of Oxford Street consultation responses

It is not just missing responses that is worrying about the now withdrawn TfL Oxford Street Consultation reports, it is also the misinterpretation of stakeholder responses. Take for example the 10 page response from “Paddington Residents Active Concern on Transport”. 

“Interim consultation reports” or Incomplete consultation reports?

If you would like to read what TfL are now calling “interim” consultation reports which have now been withdrawn as they were found to be missing responses. You can read these incomplete withdrawn reports here. We found that there are