Misinterpretation of Oxford Street consultation responses

It is not just missing responses that is worrying about the now withdrawn TfL Oxford Street Consultation reports, it is also the misinterpretation of stakeholder responses.

Take for example the 10 page response from “Paddington Residents Active Concern on Transport”. 

What they actually said…

“We are in favour of the ‘transformation’ of Oxford Street, provided that good accessibility for all is
maintained. Unfortunately this proposal to fully pedestrianise parts, or all, of the Street (of which
this would be only the first phase) is, in our view, impractical as being incompatible with good
accessibility. However, a proposal allowing two or three buses (say initially hybrid, later electric
mini-buses) might be. We think that implementation of the proposal in its current form will cause:-

• severe damage to the quality of life (including the incidence of pollution) of those living nearby
– through increasing traffic in Wigmore Street and displacing traffic into quieter, supposedly
residential areas both to the north (because of traffic jams in Wigmore Street) and to the south
• damage to the viability of shops in Oxford Street (with accessibility to ordinary shops being
limited far more than that to the big stores)
• problems in the ‘public realm’, such as street entertainment, selling from carts, etc
• security issues, especially at the designated crossing points”

General conclusion …”Both on grounds of accessibility (buses, the mobility impaired) and on the general grounds set out in paragraphs two and three above, we do not think that full pedestrianisation of Oxford Street is practical.”

Full original response: http://betteroxfordstreet.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Final-PRACT-RESPONSE-20-12-17.pdf

How TfL misinterpreted the response from Paddington Residents Active Concern on Transport

In favour of the proposals providing that accessibility is maintained. Suggested that a limited number of buses should continue to serve Oxford Street and was concerned that in their current form, the proposals would damage quality of life, the viability of businesses and cause disturbance and security issues. Concerned that
the proposals are being developed too quickly. Provided detailed comments about perceived deficiencies in the proposals for bus service changes.”

Page 18 on now withdrawn consultation report http://betteroxfordstreet.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/oxford-street-consultation-report-appendix-b.pdf

Just one example of misrepresenting the responses received.

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